Every interaction with your customer can enhance or destroy your relationship with them, and thus their loyalty to you.

We believe every company can improve those interactions with better understanding, and strive to help improve with advice, technical analysis, and program development assistance.

Platform needs – VoC, CX, EX, Text Analytics

VOICEtech.ca will make your business run better with affordable systems for all your Experience, Voice, and Research needs.

We will help you implement:

  • Customer Experience system and process
  • Employee Experience system and process
  • Research system and process
  • Research Community system and process
  • Text Analytics system and process (Emotional and Contextual/Sentiment/Actionable)

We will also provide assistance in determining additional technologies you require to collect, analyze, report and action your customer Journeys.

Community Research

Communities allow you to reach and interact with your fans and your Maximize your Customer Feedback or Improve your Marketing Insights. Survey responses, Call Centre conversations and surveys, Research Communities, and In-Moment responses are all to be considered. All be reviewed for process improvement and quality. Analysis and recommendation for possible upgrades to process and content are standard deliverables.


Use advanced Text and Emotional Analytics to uncover Actionable Voice of Your Clients. Uncover irritants and ‘bright spots’ during the process. We will ensure you have the data you require to improve Loyalty, Engagement and repeat business.

Take Action!

Helping you complete the cycle, we aid in your response interpretation and translation to action. Changes to improve your customer’s journey and how you close the loop on feedback will be part of our deliverables, with ongoing management available.

Complete your Understanding

Text Analytics for your Voice of Customer – VOC

Your VOC program is the starting point for understanding your clients. It is the key to improving experience and brand Loyalty.

Many VOC programs use a set of surveys, and their corresponding Scores to improve the customer journey, employee training, and product improvements. Scores alone cannot tell you what you really need to know in order to win in the Loyalty game.

At VOICEtech, we will work with you to completely understand your needs, design and execute a proper VOC program (or changes to your current program), and more importantly, implement Text Analytics to discover how your clients feel and ‘talk’ about your brand.

Emotional and Sentiment analysis with the most advanced tools available will ensure the performance of your improved VOC program.


Next Steps…

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