Our Approach

Our Approach

We believe deeply in understanding what your customers can tell you.

We know understanding leads to significant increases in business and a reduction in churn and lost business.

We feel strongly in reducing the burden on your customers, it should be easy to tell you what they think and more importantly what they feel.

Understanding is just the first part though, you also need to ACT on that understanding. VOICEtech.ca will help you build a sustainable program to meet your customer, staff and management needs.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, ours grew from the realization that customer feedback and understanding feedback were changing significantly, and few were pushing boundaries in this area.

As an independent consulting firm, we are able to provide an unbiased approach to your requirements and deliver the technology you need to meet your specific business.

Meet the Team

Technology, and how it interacts in real life are the focus of VOICEtech. Technology itself does not solve problems or allow you to truly know your target audience and customers.

Founded by Langley Van Der Kley, VOICEtech.ca uses a number of industry and discipline experts to ensure you get the best insights to drive your business forward with purpose and understanding.


Langley Van Der Kley


Langley has a deep understanding of Customer and Employee Experience, Voice of Customer and Text Analytics systems and programs covering many industries including Automotive, Transporation, Travel, Government, Grocery and Retail.

With management experience in Banking, Automotive and CX/VoC Platform development and sales, Langley has the experience you need to see both the big picture and the details to help you dig deep.

Next Steps...

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