Diapers prove you need a Research Community

Photo by Irina Murza on Unsplash

A Research Community allows companies to reach out, quickly if required, to gain vital brand information. Information regarding communications, product development, product delivery and marketing material development.

Standard research normally involves Surveys, Interviews and Focus Groups among other methods to gather base information to help determine Brand direction on a myriad of decisions.

How do diapers relate to Market Research? Let me tell you a short story.

I was married young, and had my oldest girls by 24, 2 under 2. My wife and I were just starting our careers, and money, as for everyone at this age, was not as plentiful as we would have liked.

Lo, and behold, a neighbor tells us of a company close by that GIVES you diapers, and all you need to do is answer some questions. I could not believe it, free diapers for 2 babies, for what ended up to be almost a year. Questions, Smestions…. That was our thought, and I presume the thought of many getting free diapers.

Is the brand I was getting free diapers from benefiting from me as an uninterested respondent?

Can the brand make critical decisions based on my responses?

They may think they can, and that is the problem with a lot of research done today.

A Research Community ensures that all of your respondents believe in you and your brand and want to improve it.

Is there bias, yes, but it is known, and can be accounted for. There is bias in all research, but in most cases, it is hidden, and can have disastrous impact.

Want to accelerate your research ability?

Want to make better decisions?

Want to improve your brand?

We can help.